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Fairlee Wellbeing Centre


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South London's premier Wellness centre offering an unparalleled range of therapies and treatments.

Over the years, we have provided excellent treatments hundreds of new mums and mums-to-be across a wide range of disciplines, from rejuvenating massages to Hypnobirthing from our luxury 5-room centre in Wandsworth.

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KG Hypnobirthing


KG Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal training course. It helps women learn to release fear and build confidence during their childbirth. There are two arms to the business:

1. The popular KG Hypnobirthing Teacher Training course trains people to become Hypnobirthing Practitioners. It is very popular with midwives and birth professionals. There are now a large number of trained practitioners who teach the KG Hypnobirthing Course to parents.
2. The Hypnobirthing parents courses which teaches Hypnobirthing to parents to be.

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Maternal Serenity


From the first days of pregnancy to welcoming your new baby home, and even beyond that, parenthood can be tricky! Long, sleepless nights, days without routine and a million worries about every cough, sneeze and burp mean that every new baby brings a mix of joy and exhaustion! But don’t stress - Maternal Serenity is here to take away your every worry. By offering you a range of services carefully designed to bring you peace of mind, improved health, greater energy and the skills you need to parent with confidence. We can also provide you (in the comfort of your own home) a range of relaxing treatments including reflexology, hypnosis, energy-based natural remedies and even massages specially tailored for mother and baby.
Insured Qualificatied industry association member Breast feeding friendly Offers mobile home services

Maternity Matters


At Maternity Matters, we understand that for today's generation of women, who have often spent years building successful careers, becoming a mother and then sustaining that career can be full of challenges. Maternity Matters works with women who want to learn how to make their whole experience of maternity leave and the return to work, a positive one.

Through reasonably priced group classes and individual coaching, we aim to give women the strength, skills and confidence to empower themselves and ensure motherhood actually makes them even more successful in their careers. We celebrate the skills women acquire when they have a child and help them transfer some of those skills back into the workplace.

Qualificatied industry association member Breast feeding friendly
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