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Maternal Serenity


From the first days of pregnancy to welcoming your new baby home, and even beyond that, parenthood can be tricky! Long, sleepless nights, days without routine and a million worries about every cough, sneeze and burp mean that every new baby brings a mix of joy and exhaustion! But don’t stress - Maternal Serenity is here to take away your every worry. By offering you a range of services carefully designed to bring you peace of mind, improved health, greater energy and the skills you need to parent with confidence. We can also provide you (in the comfort of your own home) a range of relaxing treatments including reflexology, hypnosis, energy-based natural remedies and even massages specially tailored for mother and baby.
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Maternity Matters


At Maternity Matters, we understand that for today's generation of women, who have often spent years building successful careers, becoming a mother and then sustaining that career can be full of challenges. Maternity Matters works with women who want to learn how to make their whole experience of maternity leave and the return to work, a positive one.

Through reasonably priced group classes and individual coaching, we aim to give women the strength, skills and confidence to empower themselves and ensure motherhood actually makes them even more successful in their careers. We celebrate the skills women acquire when they have a child and help them transfer some of those skills back into the workplace.

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Milestones Baby Massage


At Milestones, we start right at the beginning with Baby massage and Yoga. We start these two combined practises almost from birth because teaching that the contact of skin to skin touch with a baby is one of the most valuable ways to develop communication. Babies have no idea what you are saying, but they do understand they can see and feel.
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Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic


Millpond is the UK’s longest established sleep clinic, helping parents with babies to toddlers and older child to teens. We are the sleep clinic of choice for other healthcare professionals and our experts have all spent many years working in the NHS supporting parents with their children's health and behavioural problems.

Skilled in nursing, midwifery and health visiting, we draw upon our extensive knowledge and professional experience to guide you sensitively through your sleep programme.

As mums ourselves, we know first-hand what a child's sleep problem can do to a family. First of all we need to find out all about you and your child's sleep problem through our sleep questionnaire and sleep diary to enable your sleep therapist to have a good understanding of your sleep issue.

We offer a worldwide service most of our consultations take place over the phone. So wherever you live you can sit in comfort as we guide you through your child’s sleep issues.

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Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic


Millpond is the longest established private sleep clinic in the UK and the only one to offer sleep training for children through from babies to adolescence. They have an excellent reputation and are frequently called upon by national media and press. Parents themselves, as well as fully qualified healthcare professionals, they understand the negative impact lack of sleep can have. The techniques they use are all evidence based using behaviour modification programmes and their gentle persuasive methods enable parents to establish and sustain good sleep patterns that will stay with their child for life. Since 2007 Mandy and her team have travelled around the UK training health professionals in sleep issues both in Local Authorities and the NHS.
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Mini Mozart


The idea of Mini Mozart is to get children really interested in music so that rather than merely hearing, they are actively and avidly listening.

By the time they leave us to go to school, we want them to be raring to go with an idea about what instrument they’d like to play and consider music to be an integral part of their lives!

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Mum and Bump Independent Midwives

Bromley, Croydon, Kingston upon Thames, Merton, Sutton, Wandsworth, Richmond upon Thames

We are independent midwives that work in Surrey and Sussex, Wimbledon and surrounding areas. Having a midwife that you choose and get to know has been proven to increase your wellbeing during pregnancy and your experience through labour. We are experts and passionate in home birth, water birth and vbac. We can also assist you in getting the birth you want if you choose or need to have a hospital birth. All of your appointments will be at home or your place of work as necessary and all your postnatal care will be at home. We also offer postnatal only packages.
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