About Us

Bump & Bliss is founded on the notion that the only thing all parents have in common is that we’re all on the same journey. All different, with different challenges and experiences, but towards the same end: to be great parents and have happy, healthy children.

As parents ourselves, we know that parenthood is one of the hardest things we’ve ever taken on. We also believe it’s hard enough without the added stress of finding services that can help you and your baby. And that’s where Bump & Bliss comes in.

We're on a mission to make pregnancy and parenting easier and full of more blissful memories.


Tara’s journey to starting Bump & Bliss began with a lovely thought:

Pregnant with twins, mother to an 18month old and still working in a full time, high pressure city job it’s no surprise that Tara was feeling - well, a little stressed. Her husband wanted to do something nice to help her relax; so he tried to organise her a pregnancy massage.

“It was a lovely idea, but he found it really difficult to find a place that offered something that was right for me - one that other parents in similar situations trust and recommend”

She noticed that she wasn’t alone - "I had friends and colleagues who were frustrated with researching everything. I’d send them spreadsheets of services and products I had used, been recommended, or researched and they all loved it! I knew this was a great opportunity to help even more parents.”


Lizz’ journey to founding Bump & Bliss started with a huge upheaval:

Lizz and her husband had decided to move from New York City to London, however they were not ready for the road ahead, as they relocated while she was in her third trimester!

“It doesn’t matter how much you try to plan “life”, it always throws you curve balls. We hadn’t had the easiest time conceiving our daughter and we didn’t plan on having our first on foreign land without family support, but we were excited about the new adventures.”

Even with an optimistic view, what struck her most were the different approaches each health care system had to pregnancy and childbirth, and how she was caught unawares. “In the U.S. there is one approach to childbirth - doctor-led and with drugs!

In the midst of much confusion and nervousness, she started creating lists of useful information to gain some control. “There was no one place to find this - so I started one.”

Destination: Bump & Bliss.

Armed with their lists and very different – and yet similar - experiences, Tara and Lizz began to build a one stop shop for parents to find the services and support they need during pregnancy, birth and beyond. And Bump & Bliss was born!

Today, Bump & Bliss helps you conveniently find, contact or book useful services or professionals. Whether it’s antenatal classes, doulas, newborn photographers or pregnancy pilates – we’ve got it covered! We even include information parents told us matter, like buggy access or if they’ll come to you!

We also offer useful information and support on our blog. We have even more exciting plans to help you through your entire journey from trying to conceive to later years of parenting. Send us your ideas, share feedback and watch this space!

What we stand for

We've set standards for our site that we use ourselves when looking for services, like:



We don’t list services that we haven’t performed our baseline check on, and we remove any listings that don’t live up to standards in our community reviews.

Ease & Convenience


We’re parents too, so we know what’s important - like your time! - so we make it as easy as possible for you to find, research and book services - all in one place!



We’re not just a website, we’re a community - we want to know what you think about the services you use and we’re here if you need help. Drop us a line at hello@bumpandbliss.com.

Bump & Bliss: because parenting can be hard work, but finding the quality support you need shouldn’t be.

Team Bliss


Tara is mum to three adorable boys (all under 3 - eek!).


Favorite Bump Memory - Finding out she was expecting twins (and watching her husband oscillate between sheer terror and joy)

Favorite Baby Activity - Little rascals playgroup - such a supportive group of mums & lots of fun toys the kids love. Also love family picnics at Richmond Park - enough space for them to run around and wear themselves out & sleep through the night..ish.

Favorite Mommy Only Activity - Floating (Literally. In a pool.) after a full body massage in a Turkish spa retreat ...no babies, just selfish momma bliss :)


Lizz is a mum to a little girl, who likes to be referred to as Queen A.


Favorite Bump Memory - playing peek-a-boo with her daughter in the womb. She would tap one side of her bump and wait for the little to "tap" back and then repeat. Unfortunately sometimes her daughter wanted to play this game in the middle of the night.

Favorite Baby Activity - baby swimming. It's a great way to stay healthy, bond with daughter, tire out the little ones (and get a long nap after). On top of all that, it may one day save their life!

Favorite Mommy Only Activity... body massage and scrub. I could lie for hours! Add in mani/pedis too. Actually can I go to a spa for 24 hrs and get the whole menu served on her? Thank you ;)


Dominika is an adventure travel addict, enthusiastic foodie and a National Geographic photographer wanna-be. Dominika and her husband Kurt are preparing for the biggest adventure yet as they wait to welcome their first daughter later this year.


Dream Vacation - family trekking holiday in Bhutan.

Favourite Bump Memory - the look on my husband’s face when he felt our baby kick for the first time.


Emily would travel all the time if she could, but since she can't she settles for exploring London whenever she can. She loves sport, good food and any situation that brings both of those together with friends and family.


Favourite place: Mum and dad's balcony in Australia.

Favourite nephew: Can't play favourites now, that's not fair!!


Jonathon originates from the welsh valleys and recently moved to London to be part of its thriving start-up community. He recently completed a PhD investigating domestic accidental head injuries in young children presenting to a hospital and is now looking at different prevention methods.


Favourite hobbies: Technology enthusiast with a passion for innovation based around health care and helping parents.

Favourite place to visit: Angel falls in Venezuela.